Giving Life

“God’s Perfect Timing” was the title of my blog post of April 10, 2009. I wrote of God’s faithful financial provisions for Trans World Radio (TWR) Cambodia’s It’s Yours! broadcast—the only youth program to reach out to the next generation in Cambodia. In 2008, there were more than 4,000 responses received to the It’s Yours! radio program! It’s currently airing on six secular stations in Cambodia.


One of those listeners who responded to the program and contacted the It’s Yours! team was a young Cambodian woman named Srey Neang.


Can you help me? I am not a good girl. I just hope you don’t hate me. I need someone to help me. I’ve been considering committing suicide as I’m three months pregnant without a husband. I was dating a man about 40-years-old. He was married before but his wife has passed away. We slept together a few times, and I’ve found out that I’m pregnant. I told him about this and he’s been pushing me to have an abortion. I’m indecisive and don’t want to kill my baby, but my decision has destroyed my relationship with the guy that I love. He never picks up the phone now when I call. I cry a lot and am broken-hearted. The world is so dark and it seems there is no way to go, no place for me. So why should I live?


The It’s Yours team of Sina, Pisey, and Kimsong, followed up with Srey and assisted her in finding a home at the Rescue Center. Srey replies:


Sister, thanks for helping me to find a home at the Rescue Center. I feel like I live in heaven. The people around me are like angels. It did not take me long to see how these people who called themselves Christians were different, and I received Jesus after a month staying here. I thank God for loving me and my baby. I live for my baby, and I hope my life will impact many young girls to open their hearts to God. I’m not alone. God is always with me. He’s my only hope. I’m also happy to have had an opportunity to teach orphans at my center. It brings me much joy. Thanks for investing in a relationship with me through your program. I trusted you after hearing your program a few times, and that is why I called . . . . I just found out that I am so special! I’m not ashamed to share the Word. . . .


Praise the Lord that Srey received new life in Christ and that, by God’s grace and mercy, she chose life for herself and her baby!

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