The Calling of a Man

Lauren Libby (center) with TWR's CFO Steve Hippe and his wife, Wendy
Lauren Libby (center) with TWR’s CFO, Steve Hippe and his wife, Wendy.
June Libby and son, Grant
June Libby and son, Grant

Sunday afternoon, February 15, 2009, at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina, marked an auspicious occasion in the history of Trans World Radio (TWR). Lauren Libby was commissioned as the fourth president of TWR. Tom Lowell, TWR’s chairman of the Board warmly welcomed guests from TWR’s leadership worldwide, The Navigators, Evangeliums-Rundfunk (ERF) Germany, HCJB Global, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Northwestern College, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Thornburg Church.


You probably want to ask, what and where is Thornburg Church? How did that get in the list? We learned that Thornburg Church is near Smith Center, Kansas. In fact, the pastor of Thornburg Church, Dennis Lambert, picturesquely described it like this: “In the North Central part of that state [Kansas] there is a little spot where you find the geographical center of the 48 contiguous states. Smith Center is about 12 miles West of that point. If you go straight North down an old rock road at 45 miles per hour and go 11 miles, you’d come to the Thornburg Church.”


Pastor Lambert continued, “Now in between Smith Center and the Thornburg Church you go by 9 mailboxes and 12 trees. Those 9 mailboxes represent a population of 13 people. This is the neighborhood Lauren grew up in . . . The Thornburg Church is the church that Lauren Libby attended while growing up. And the Thornburg Church is the church his 94-year-old mother still attends—when the weather is good and she can catch a ride.”


After explaining that he has known Lauren from the time of his birth, Pastor Lambert gave us a picture of a man from a conservative and frugal home who attended a one-room country school until the eighth grade. Eventually Lauren was to complete his formal education at Kansas State University.


But Dennis Lambert’s concluding remarks were the most profound, “God cares not where a man’s from and God cares not where a man’s been. But what God cares about most is where a man is. Lauren, God has called you to this place at this time. And when God calls a man, He calls all of him. And He asks him to leave all behind. He’s called you to an awesome task. He’s called you to a tremendous responsibility. He demands that you be faithful. We at the Thornburg Church will continue to pray for you as we have the last thirty years . . . To God be the glory.”


Read more about the commissioning service at or listen to Lauren’s inaugural address at

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