What is the Lord Teaching You?

Lebo Pooe

Have you ever been asked that question? How did you respond? I’ve asked it of others before, and many hesitate to answer because they don’t understand the deep spiritual reflection and vulnerability that inquiry requires.

Last week, I asked that question of my colleague from South Africa, Lebo Pooe. Actually, this is an update of sorts on Lebo. I first interviewed her Aug. 12, 2011, for the JudyBlog, prior to her freshman year at Moody Bible Institute. Now, she has completed her first year of a four-year scholarship to that venerable 120-year-old institution.

Her healthy transition from the culture of South Africa to an American Christian college campus in Chicago has amazed me. She has jumped into that environment with gusto, and wondrous opportunities are before her — both spiritual and academic.

I asked the 30-year-old Lebo, “What has the Lord been teaching you through this time?”

“As a student, I’m older than most, and I’ve already had 10 years of experience as a radio producer,” she replied. “I’m now a full-time student and no longer a full-time producer with TWR-Africa. I never realized how those positions were my identity. God is teaching me that my identity needs to be in him and him alone. [I realize] those titles were my idols. I’m a child of God — that should be my identity. Around campus, I see girls who are looking to relationships (boyfriends) for their identity; that’s a form of idolatry.”

My heart resonated with her response.

What has the Lord been teaching you? I’d love to hear from you.

P.S. You can listen to Lebo one Friday each month as she co-hosts Moody Radio’s Midday Connection Millrose Club. To listen to a recent program featuring Lebo, click here.

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