Prayers Matter

Today, a colleague handed me a poignant story that he recorded during an interview with TWR-Africa’s Ruth Mbennah. I trust this tender vignette will inspire you as it has me.

About halfway through the interview, he writes, three women appeared at the office doorway and politely asked to enter briefly. One of the women was TWR’s Barbara Shantz, whose office we occupied, and beside her was her mother-in-law, Lorna Shantz, who had traveled from her home in Canada to attend Project Hannah’s International Forum that week. Barbara needed to pick up something from her office, and after a quick flurry of greetings and the completion of her errand, the little party began its exit.

But Lorna hung back and, bearing in her hands a gift of two brightly colored crocheted coasters, approached the now-standing Ruth.

“I make dishcloths for a charitable organization,” Lorna told Ruth, “and I have these little ends [coasters]. So when you put your cup on there, remember that I’m praying for you. I never know how to pray for you some days, and I’d say, ‘God, whatever she needs, just give her your strength.’”

I glanced up at Ruth’s face and realized that her eyes were tightly closed and tears were spilling down her cheeks. She reached out silently and wrapped her arms around Lorna.

“I love you,” said Lorna, adding a goodbye and hurrying from the room.

The Tanzanian woman who heads Project Hannah’s growing ministry for all of Africa sat back down as she wiped away the tears.

“Touching,” Ruth whispered. “It’s very encouraging when you hear someone is praying for you. The work that we’re doing is very hard sometimes.

Are you praying for someone? Let them know. You’ll give them a precious gift: encouragement.

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