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As a follower of Christ, how would you respond if a parent, grandparent or spouse ordered you to “leave this Jesus”? I honestly don’t know how I would react, but I hope I would honor the Lord with my response. I wonder if I would display courage or fear. What about you? This question is challenging, I know, but I believe we need to examine where our heart is, especially during these precarious times.

Today, you have an opportunity to “listen in” to a telephone conversation that occurred between Ab, who is part of TWR’s program follow-up team in North Africa, and a Berber listener called “T” and his wife, “K.”  Learn how they chose to respond to an intimidating confrontation.

T: Good evening, brother Ab! I am very happy to finally find myself with my brothers and children of God in the kingdom of Jesus my Savior. I am always ashamed of my past, when I was blind and foolish. The dominant religion in my country changed me into a wolf filled with hatred against the innocent ones who serve God with love and a willing heart.

Ab: Listen to me, T, the Lord invites you to forget the past. We have all offended God and men when we were in the darkness of the other religion. Now, by Christ, we receive the forgiveness of our sins. God himself, once he has forgiven us, does not remember our sins [to hold them against us] anymore. If you have the Bible, read Hebrews 10:17: “I will remember their sins and their lawless deeds no more.”

T: Thank you, brother; my church offered me a Bible. I decided to read the Bible entirely.

Ab: How did you discover the way of Christ?

T: My answer is the reason that I come to thank TWR and all the collaborators, including the Thru the Bible team, for their zeal in the work for the Lord.

Ab: Thank you. Tell me, did your wife accept Jesus as her Savior?

T: Yes, she accepted Jesus with no resistance, as well as my 14-year-old daughter. My wife’s name is K; she is next to me listening. She is going to tell you her story.

K: The Lord has done great things, and we are full of joy. In my family, we were very fervent followers of the dominant religion; my father is a religious leader, which means that he has made the pilgrimage to the holy city twice. He is much respected in the community of our village.

Ab: Then it must not be easy for you to be a Christian.

K: No! When my father learned that I left the other religion, he came to our house with the decision to take me with him, to separate me from my husband and my daughter. He told me, “Your husband is now among the enemies of our god and soon he will be expelled from the village. You must return to our religion and leave this Jesus and your pagan husband, who wants to involve you in hell.” My husband was at work at the time. My daughter, who was next to me, was filled with the Holy Spirit and with courage. I told her: “Take your Bible to read to us the verses that you like. That will serve as an answer to your grandfather.” She opened the Bible without hesitating and read Romans 8:35-39.

Ab: That is extraordinary! How did your father react?

K: These words filled his eyes with tears; he left quickly without adding a word. I believe that the Word of Christ touched him. Pray for my father. If he comes to believe in Christ, all the members of our family will also come to Christ because they respect him a lot. Pray for the multitudes of families that are in our same situation. Your programs are invaluable for [our region in North Africa] Kabylia. I give the frequency of your broadcast to any person with whom I cross paths. I leave you, brother, in the peace of the Lord until next time.

What a privilege to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ! Please pray, too, for those who have been blinded to the truth, that the seeds of God’s word implanted in their hearts would save their souls. Pray, also, for TWR as we broadcast the gospel via our multimedia outreach, that we will proclaim it as boldly as we should (Ephesians 6:20).

Photo Credit: TWR-Europe

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