The Need for Courage

Do any of these languages sound familiar to you: Bambara, Senoufo, Syenara, Tamasheq, Songhai, French? I know you’ve heard of the last one, but all of them are spoken in West Africa’s Republic of Mali and are represented in TWR programming.

This parched, landlocked nation has experienced rapid economic growth and relative stability for many years since its independence from France in 1960. In early 2012, however, a steady collapse of state control over the north of the country was followed by a tentative military coup. In this environment, many Christians have had to flee because of persecution.

Even in this turbulent climate, TWR’s Project Hannah-Mali continues to produce and air its signature radio program for women in the Bambara language from more than 30 radio stations within the country. In such a time as this, it’s encouraging to know that Project Hannah’s prayer network is being developed throughout the country.

Much prayer is needed for this nation and its people, and especially for its Christians. Amid the continuing political unrest, please pray with us for protection of the Project Hannah team in Mali. Pray for safety, strength and courage for the Malian believers, especially in the north. Women and children are the most vulnerable during times of conflict. And let’s also thank God for the stations that broadcast the Project Hannah radio program.

Photo Credit: TWR-Africa

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