A Woman’s Plea

This week is TWR’s “Call to Prayer” focusing on reaching women around the world with media. My desire is for you to join us as we pray for TWR’s outreach to women.

Why just women? Well, this ministry certainly doesn’t discount men’s need for the gospel, but I’ve heard it said that women are the most unreached people in the world today — not hard to believe given that women reportedly account for two-thirds of the global illiteracy rate and 70 percent of the poor.

The reason for the need to intercede doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? Genesis 1-3 paints a vivid picture of the context of the struggle and the curses. In the beginning, God created male and female in his own image — so that they would reflect the characteristics of God and desire to know him.

We know the biblical account, don’t we? A drama unfolds in the Garden of Eden as the antagonist Satan enters, tempts the woman, and then both the man and woman, representatives of all humanity, fall into sin. For the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve, the divine image of God in them is now marred. It’s only through a God-given promise of future redemption that seeds of hope are planted. The Son of God will come as the second Adam, perfect and divine, and by his sacrificial obedience, those who receive him will be made new.

In our earthbound journey, though, Christians can experience only a foretaste of that future restoration. Temporarily, the age-old struggle continues. Amid that conflict, God is using TWR’s gospel broadcasts, especially Project Hannah’s Women of Hope programs and producers, to touch lives, one heart at a time, as this North African listener’s response below attests:

My name is Tely, and I want to give a testimony of how Jesus saved me from a dreadful situation. I am a Kabyle Berber woman, and I grew up in the mountains. One day I got sick, and no one was able to tell me the cause of the illness. This led to depression. My father took me away to have me undergo all kinds of traditional “healing” methods. I saw the cause of my illness as spiritual and began asking questions, but this bothered my father.

The situation was humiliating for my husband. He felt bad that he could not properly care for his wife. He still loved me but was worried about my well-being and that of our children. I told him, “You cannot do anything. I have no feelings left for you, the children, or anyone — not even for myself. It may be for the best that I stay with my father.” My husband told me to make my choice between going back with him or never returning at all. My father advised me to go back with my husband, and so I did, but my health did not improve despite seeking help from “healers.”

I met a cousin of my husband who told me that only One could heal me, and his name is Jesus. After starting to meet with Christians, one night I had a dream in which I heard a voice say, “Why are you afraid? You are my daughter, and I love you.” My husband’s cousin recommended that I visit a certain Christian woman, a radio producer.

I finally managed to visit her despite spiritual resistance. Voices condemned me for my past blasphemies and tried to convince me that this was a bad, adulterous woman. But finally, in his love and compassion, God reached out to me during my visits to her.

Little by little, my life started to change as God’s peace entered it and I read my Bible. Because of the prayers of this Christian lady, the Project Hannah Women of Hope producer, my health was restored. This gave me a strong conviction that Jesus is the Son of God, and I accepted him as my Savior, my Lord and my mighty Fortress.

I became active in sharing my faith and distributing portions of the gospel, but persecution began in the village and in my own home. My husband tore up the Bible and forbade me to listen to the radio station that aired Project Hannah programs, so I began secretly listening to the programs on CDs. My husband discovered this, too, and took away the CDs and the CD player.

Over the last six years, as I continue to walk with the Lord, I persevere in prayer for my husband, my children, my extended family and my country. It’s also on my heart to pray for those who serve God in the media, in particular for Project Hannah and my Christian friend. Nothing stops the radio waves from entering homes. I have seen firsthand the effect of TWR programs. Please stand with me in praying that my husband will also accept Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

Praise the Lord for the salvation of this troubled woman. Please pray today for the redemption of this family. Pray as well for the producers of TWR’s and Project Hannah’s programs and our worldwide multimedia outreach, that many more will hear the gospel.

Source of story: TWR-Europe Ministry Moments

Photo Credit: Leena Shoemaker

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