God Opened the Door

How do you define the word “miracle”? Let me suggest that a miracle is an immediate, extraordinary work of God’s power, without the mediation of second causes. It’s supernatural. It’s unexplainable. In a brief moment, God chooses to intervene in his creation for his divine purpose and glory.

Recently, we received the testimony below from a TWR listener in Uzbekistan that reads much like a portion of one of the Apostle Paul’s Epistles. In his providence, God poured out his Spirit on behalf of a sister in Christ. I pray our own faith will be strengthened through this report:

A sister, who had only recently become a Christian, got into a small bus with a copy of the Ingil (New Testament) in her hand and sat down next to a woman.

The woman saw the Ingil and said, “Oh! That’s the Ingil! I have been looking for that book for a long time. Please give it to me to read.”

The sister said, “It’s my only book,” but the woman would not quit begging. Eventually, the sister gave in and let her have the book with the condition that she return it once she had finished reading it.

A young man, who was a police officer, was also sitting in the bus and overheard their conversation. He turned around to the woman and in a scolding tone said, “This book [Ingil] is pure propaganda and it’s forbidden in Uzbekistan to have a copy.” He became more adamant and told her she had to go with him to the police station to give a written statement.

The woman became afraid and gave the book back to the sister, but the young man ordered the driver to take them to the police station anyway. The officer placed handcuffs on the sister’s wrists, led her into the station and locked her in a cell.

This sister, a young believer, became very upset about this sudden turn of events and began to pray to God: “God, I just became a Christian. I have just begun to read your Word. What is happening? Please help me to get out of this situation.”

That’s when a miracle happened! God opened the door of the cell before her eyes. The officer was filled with fear when he saw this happen and screamed at her: “Get out of here right now and take your book with you!”

God is at work through his Holy Spirit, building his church and spreading the gospel through the means he chooses to use. In many Central Asian countries and elsewhere, the challenges for Christians are many.

An Uzbek pastor shared with us, “Radio is very important for the Uzbek people! This is especially true today because it is forbidden to do public evangelization. A person caught carrying a Bible, Christian book or disk with messages about God will be instantly fined. People in some regions are afraid to read in the Bible, so the spiritual food via the radio is absolutely necessary for them.” Please join us in prayer for the safety, spiritual growth and encouragement of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Photo Credit: Susanne Wunderlich

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