A Mother’s Perspective

Are you a mother? Then you know that our children are bombarded by many unyielding voices as they go about their daily lives, and not all those messages are edifying. Not only is this true in U.S. culture, but it’s also a reality worldwide. As moms, we want our children to flourish, and we seek to provide the resources that will enable them to establish a healthy foundation.

TWR shares your heart’s burden. Reaching children and youth with the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ is part of TWR’s Global Strategic Plan. TWR’s global teams produce creative biblically based programming for children and youth to offer them a healthy alternative to the lies, enticements and false teaching to which they’re exposed.

Pedrito Rally

In Latin America, for example, a tremendous asset is introducing children to Jesus Christ: a little octopus puppet named Little Peter, or Pedrito. Imagine the sight of hundreds of elementary school-age children giggling at the antics of Little Peter and his cohorts while listening to stories from the Bible.

TWR-Venezuela produces Little Peter the Octopus (Pedrito el Pulpo), a radio program for Spanish-speaking children ages 5 to 13. The programs include dramatized stories with biblical and ethical applications. The programs are so popular that Little Peter and his puppet friends travel throughout Venezuela performing at children’s rallies.

Thousands of children in Venezuela, Cuba, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and other parts of Central America, the Caribbean and U.S. are growing up with Pedrito. The programs are aired from TWR-Bonaire and more than 200 local Spanish radio stations throughout the Americas. It’s thrilling to receive responses from young listeners like the one below in Cuba:

“I’m writing to tell you that I listen to your program whenever I can. I’m 12 years old, and for me, it’s a pleasure to write to you. Your program is of great importance to my life and that of other children. Each story is a great help, because they teach us to obey our parents, to be kind, to be kind to animals and care for nature. I wish you success in your ministry and many blessings from the Lord.”

Aren’t you encouraged as a mother to know that there are other Christians who desire to partner with you to plant the seeds of the gospel in your child’s life? It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

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