‘I Will Tell My Story to 1,000 Women’

My greatest encouragement is when I hear about people whom our Lord has reached with his truth and then learn how, through the Holy Spirit, that truth is being put into practice in their lives. This reminds me of the Apostle Paul’s words to the Colossian believers when he spoke of their faith in Christ Jesus and their love for one another (Colossians 1). It was evident to him that they had heard the word of truth, the gospel, and had understood the grace of God because it was “bearing fruit and increasing” in their lives.

Read how these Algerian Berber-language listeners to Thru the Bible have a new understanding of the gospel as their eyes have been opened to the truth:

Hello, [Thru the Bible]. Who would have said that I would become a Christian and be proud of it? When I told my wife, she wasn’t happy. She asked, “How can you be proud because you have renounced your religion and become a pagan? I knew it when you started listening to the stories on TWR that everything would change in you.” In tears she continued, “I knew that TWR would change your life and mine, because TWR has supernatural powers.”

Now, the father of my wife did the pilgrimage three times. He’s rich. Each time he returned from the holy city, he married a beautiful young woman. He said, “Because the prophet married four women, I will do the same so that our god might bless me.”

I said to my wife, “Louiza, why are you crying because I became a Christian? Do you remember the days when your father married his second wife? You were 13 years old, and you and your mother cried bitterly. Your mother said, ‘A curse fell on me and you, my daughter.’”

“TWR does not tell stories as you believe, but it tells how the word of Jesus Christ changes lives for the good of everyone who believes in Jesus. Did you not notice, my dear Louiza, how the word of Jesus, through TWR, has changed my life? I planned to do as your father, marry many women, like the prophet did, so that the god of the religion of our country would bless me. But now that Jesus has changed my heart and life, I am filled with love for you alone. You’re my only love. I’m ready even to give my life for you.”

At these words, Louiza fell on my knees, as I was sitting. Looking at me with her eyes covered in tears, she said, “My darling, forgive me.” Louiza continued, “Write a nice letter to TWR and ask them to forgive me. I was blinded by the religion of my father, and now Jesus has opened my eyes. Once I shed tears of bitterness, but now I shed tears of joy. Long live the Lord, my Savior, Jesus Christ. May TWR continue to announce his Word. Yes, my name is Louiza, which means ‘pearl.’ Now I have to shine like the gem. I will tell my story to 1,000 women and give them the TWR frequency, and I will tell them to come to Jesus and he will change their lives.”

See you soon,

Your brother.

To God be the glory, great things he has done! Louiza plans to tell 1,000 women how Jesus brought salvation to her and her husband through TWR. How many will you tell? Share Louiza’s story.

Photo Credit: TWR-Europe Amy Wenzel

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