Tombouctou la Mystérieuse

Mysterious Timbuktu — that’s what an 1897 French book called it — really exists! In the 15th and 16th centuries, this city in Mali was the center for the propagation of Islam throughout Africa, and today it holds the coveted designation of UNESCO’s World Heritage site.

In God’s sovereign plan, a boy was born into a loving Songhai family in Timbuktu and was named Abdoulaye. Sadly, his parents and grandparents died by the time he was 10, but God brought him into contact with Christian missionaries — specifically, a missionary dentist who planted spiritual seeds in his life. It was in this setting that Abdoulaye received Christ at age 16.

Abdoulaye felt God’s call to attend Bible school, and he left his homeland to study in Côte d’Ivoire. In 1984, he entered a new time of service as pastor and radio program producer for Radio ELWA. Later, he would pursue a Master’s degree in Radio Journalism and Communications. It was evident that the Lord was preparing this young man for the ministry he would be called to do. His God-given talents were recognized by many.


It was in 1996, though, after meeting TWR-Africa missionary Rev. Stephen Boake-Yiadom for the first time, that Abdoulaye’s life was redirected. He was asked to join TWR to help open a new office and studio in West Africa for the region’s French-speaking countries. After months of prayer and consultation, Abdoulaye accepted this invitation. The new West African office and studio in Côte d’Ivoire would have its humble beginnings in the home of Abdoulaye and his wife, Elizabeth.

Abdoulaye Sangho, now TWR’s director of ministry in West Africa, has a powerful testimony of God’s grace and leading. His passion for reaching his people in West Africa comes through loud and clear. His heart mirrors that of our beloved brother who is now with the Lord, Rev. Stephen, who said at every opportunity, “Africa needs Jesus!”

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