Journey of Discovery

My mom told me that I was full of curiosity as a child. Unfortunately, I often trod where no one should dare go. As a 3-year-old, I found a percolator cord, plugged one end into the wall receptacle and the other end into my mouth. Wham! That was a shocking experience!

I’m still a child at heart with a curious bent. I enjoy exploring and learning, and I’m looking forward to an opportunity to do just that Sept. 16-24, 2012. In fact, I’d like to invite you to join me for an adventurous seven-day journey of discovery to the Netherlands, a land that elicits visions of windmills, clogs and rows of rainbow-colored tulips, and to Lithuania, a hidden gem of the European landscape.

We’ll experience the distinctive sights and sounds of sophisticated Amsterdam, the hub of European culture and business, and Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, with its mix of modernity and old-world ambience. We’ll also enjoy fellowship with TWR-Europe’s team in Amersfoort, the Netherlands; our national partner in that country, TWR-Netherlands; and our national partner in Vilnius, TWR-Lithuania. Highlights will include an introduction to TWR-Lithuania’s vital children’s ministry, production of the award-winning program Little Evening Star and an exclusive opportunity to interact with listeners of TWR programming.

I believe in vacationing with a purpose, don’t you? I can’t imagine anything more curiosity-satisfying and meaningful than viewing God’s handiwork through the ministry God has given to TWR in this part of Europe. How thrilling it would be to share this memorable time with ministry friends like you who love the Lord!

I’d love for us to go together! Please contact me for more information or to request a 2012 Europe Ministry Vision Trip brochure.

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    1. mariette says:

      Hi Judy,
      Are you still coming to the Netherlands?
      You are very much welcome in our office of TWR Netherlands!

      Hope to hear from you,

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