Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

“For almost two years, I have been struggling with one of my younger brothers and decided to cut off my relationship with him,” explained Kakada, a 25-year-old man who listens to TWR-Cambodia’s It’s Yours radio program for youth. “It still hurt me, however, whenever I met or talked with him day after day. I felt like I was in jail, and I had to live with this problem with my wounded heart without finding a way to heal it.”

In March, Kakada attended a youth listeners’ rally sponsored by TWR-Cambodia’s youth ministry team and Project Hannah in cooperation with Peace Bridge. Approximately 50 young adults from various provinces attended. All are listeners of It’s Yours. Two biblical lessons were presented: “Shalom” and “Nonviolent Communication.” Those who attended were excited about receiving this training, and Kakada chose to tell how the Holy Spirit used these truths in his life.

Kakada said, “Thank God for this wonderful opportunity for me to learn about shalom. I’ve spent almost a night in self-reflection about the main teaching which is ‘I am a keeper of my brothers and sisters! The people on earth are my neighbors!’ I decided to make a strong commitment to apply this great teaching to my life! I’m willing to be the keeper of my brothers and sisters and of my neighbors; I need to care about them.

“In the early morning I decided to pick up my hand phone and call [my brother] to ask for his forgiveness, and I prayed with him by phone. I still believe this lesson is good for me in serving in God’s ministry. I am a youth leader at my church, so it’s very important for me to stand with them as their keeper and to love them as my neighbors.”

Kakada added, “I like listening to the It’s Yours program because most of the topics on this youth radio program are very useful for me and other youth in today’s modern society. I’ve gained a lot of good ideas from this kind of program, and I can see that my spiritual life also grows from hearing the Word of God in this valuable program. It’s Yours provides me with encouragement through the words of the speakers. Through this I’ve learned more about how to respond to my own problems and the youth at my church, too.”

Pray for Kakada as he continues, by the Holy Spirit’s help, to apply the biblical truths he hears on TWR-Cambodia’s It’s Yours radio program. Please pray for TWR’s children and youth programming worldwide. Now is the time to reach the next generation with the gospel!

Photo Credit: Dan Blosser

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