Is It the Will of God?

Just as TWR has its beginnings in the heart of one man, Dr. Paul Freed, it has now become the heartbeat of thousands of men, women and children worldwide. February 22, 1954, is a significant date in this history because it marks the very first broadcast of TWR from “The Voice of Tangier” in Tangier, Morocco. Today, TWR has established an international presence on five continents and one subcontinent and airs programming in more than 200 languages.

In 1959, after the government closed the doors to the station in Tangier, the Lord provided a broadcast location across the Strait of Gibraltar in Monte Carlo. In his book, Towers to Eternity, written in 1967, Dr. Freed shared his insight on God’s plans for this ministry:

By this time we had discovered that the question should never have to be: How much does it cost? But rather: Is it the will of God?

Most definitions of the will of God have a core of truth in them. Some say his direction can be determined through circumstances; some through counsel of godly people; some through the instruction of Scripture; and others through the opportunities that present themselves obviously to us.

All these are sound and good, but they must become a pattern of daily Christian living. I believe that all of these are guidelines in selecting a course of action. But only as we want to choose his counsel—down to the smallest direction of each day—will we find confidence in moving ahead as he wants us to move, when a major decision confronts us. If today we are open to his direction—no matter what we are doing—then tomorrow will develop according to his will for us.

Is it not then a little presumptuous to say: “I happened to do this” or “I happened to meet so and so”? I believe that when lives are ordained of God, things do not just happen or come about by chance.

Of course, as long as we have the limitations of this earthbound existence, this will not be foolproof because Satan is active, too, I know. But I say these things to point up the fact that some of the circumstances that occurred during our search across the continent for a place to broadcast did not just happen. …I believe God led me that way.

Too often today we will close our eyes to opportunities he is giving us, particularly if the opportunity looks strange or difficult or unconventional. It is very important for Christians who want to do business with God to move ahead when he gives a directive.

In his preface to the book, Dr. A. L. Robertson, who was then vice chairman of TWR’s board of directors, wrote, “Where does Trans World Radio go from here? What new doors of opportunity will the Lord open in the future? We do not know, but one thing is certain, he is the same omnipotent God who planted the seed of this ministry in one man’s heart many years ago.”

As we begin this new year of ministry, please pray with us that TWR’s leadership will ask the right questions, be sensitive to God’s leading and seek the Lord’s face for the answers and direction to fulfill his calling.

Source: Towers to Eternity, pp. 100-101.

Photo Credit:  Benjamin Tangeman

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