Grandfather Emmanuel

Benin Tower

“Visitors have come! Visitors have come! TWR has arrived to interview Grandfather Emmanuel!” sounds the village crier in Sirarou, Benin, West Africa. It’s a special day!

Emmanuel’s home is only a short distance from TWR’s 100,000-watt medium wave (AM) transmitter in Benin. The transmitter is capable of reaching an audience of 190 million in West Africa. Since February 1, 2008, TWR has been airing programs from Benin and reaching Grandfather Emmanuel and other people in villages like his.

Let me encourage you to take six minutes of your time to watch and listen to this grandfather’s passionate testimony. Your heart will be touched. Then, let me encourage you to take an additional minute to pray for Emmanuel’s family and his village, as well as TWR’s ministry to West Africa. Thank you for your exceptional commitment to ministry that matters both for today and for eternity.

Video:  Interview with Grandfather Emmanuel

To learn more about TWR’s outreach to West Africa from Benin, click here.

Photo Credit: TWR’s Benjamin Tangeman

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