For a Hurting Child of God

Zulu Mother and Child

God has a way of intervening in the lives of his children when we least expect it, always at our point of deepest need.

TWR’s vital outreach to women, Project Hannah, is a ministry of compassion and encouragement to suffering women around the world, expressing itself through three main thrusts: prayer, awareness and programming. In September 2011, Project Hannah’s Women of Hope program went on the air for the first time in the Zulu language to South Africa. The production team has already recorded 35 programs.

“One of the Zulu-speaking Christian ladies told me, ‘Women’s ministry is one of the most neglected in Kwa Zulu Natal,’” said TWR-South Africa National Director Danie Du Preez at the 2011 Africa National Partners’ Conference. He explained that the needs of women in the Zulu nation are great: broken marriages; single parenthood; emotional and physical abuse; poverty and lack of education.

“I’m so grateful that TWR is able to address these issues through our regular Zulu radio broadcasts,” said Danie. “We’re penetrating broken hearts across Kwa Zulu Natal and Gauteng in the Zulu language, bringing healing to body and soul.”

He added, “We’ve already started the process by recording women’s programs in our TWR studio. Amazingly, healing started right there as we were recording! Four Zulu women were putting all the passion of their hearts into the production of a dramatized story in Zulu of a woman suffering from a broken marriage. Suddenly, one of the ladies in the studio burst into tears. With shaking hands, she laid down her script and wept.

“Straining to talk with a lump in her throat, she shared that her own marriage was in serious trouble. And while recording the Women of Hope program, she knew she was looking into a mirror of her own life, and that the program was directed at HER! There and then counseling took place and prayers went up to the Father for this hurting child of his.”

It’s inspiring to hear of God at work in the lives of his children at whatever their point of need. Every day, we learn of how the ministry of Project Hannah is used to carry healing to the brokenhearted. God alone brings beauty out of ashes!

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