Change Happens

Change happens. Are you unsettled by change or do you embrace it? Would you agree that not all changes are bad? For me, I see change itself as amoral, but the resulting consequences can lead to either destructive or productive responses. Just because a person has done something one way for a long time doesn’t make it right or wrong. Wouldn’t you agree?

A recent article by Mark Ellis, senior correspondent of ASSIST News Service and the founder of, presents a new perspective on how we do missions. Ellis quotes T.J. Addington, the pastor, author and leader of ReachGlobal, the international mission of the Evangelical Free Church of America, who as a former missionary kid has a long association with missions.

As a result of increasing globalization and the rapidly changing world of technology, Addington has significantly modified his perspective on missions. He has chosen to embrace these global developments and align his organization’s strategy to support these changes. As Ellis states, some might call Addington’s focus “radical.”

Addington identifies nine critical shifts, but I’ve chosen five that I believe are specifically relevant to TWR and that we have understood and embraced (to read Ellis’s full report, click here):

  • Shift #1: From being primarily doers—to being primarily equippers
  • Shift #2: From being in charge—to equal partnerships
  • Shift #4: From Western missionaries—to global missionaries
  • Shift #5: From dependencies—to self-sufficiency
  • Shift #7: From competition—to cooperation

TWR strategically partners with key local organizations in more than 70 countries worldwide. Together with international partners, local churches and other ministries, TWR provides relevant programming, discipleship resources and dedicated workers to spread hope to individuals and communities around the globe.

What do you think about how we do missions in today’s changing world? Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Photo Credit: Matic Zupancic

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