What Can a Test Tube Tell Us?

TWR's David Fisher

“A TWR Hungarian broadcaster realized his countrymen were being taught that science proved God doesn’t exist. When he quoted a book he claimed was ‘God’s Word,’ many listeners didn’t take the messages seriously. No one is ready for John 3:16 until he’s convinced of Genesis 1:1,” said my friend and colleague TWR missionary David Fisher.

 David is the writer of the TWR program, Truth in the Test Tube. “The target audience is anyone indoctrinated in atheism as the only explanation of reality. In many countries, that includes all students, plus everyone exposed to media. [That’s] pretty much everyone!” said David.

Truth in the Test Tube is broadcast and/or webcast in languages ranging alphabetically from Albanian to Vietnamese, including English, Mandarin and Russian. Listener response has been encouraging. In fact, David explained, “A Russian listener who received Christ through the program told me that he had such a head-on collision between what he had been taught and what we were telling him that it was ‘like an explosion in his mind.’”

On Saturday, January 7, 2012, Spanish Truth in the Test Tube aired from TWR’s 100,000-watt AM station on Bonaire, reaching Cuba, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. Also, I’m excited to report the program is airing from TWR’s 50,000-watt AM station in Uruguay, to reach that country and Argentina. The series is projected to run twice a week for two years—208 programs.

I asked David why he wrote Truth in the Test Tube, and he replied, “First, to point out that real truth exists; there’s not one thing ‘true for you’ and something contradictory ‘true for me.’ Secondly, to help listeners discover that the atheistic ‘spin’ that their teachers and media put on scientific facts, is not true, but that the Bible is.”

David asks, “Please pray that many will discover the program and be saved.”

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