It Takes Many People

This morning, I read an interview with author and speaker Dr. Jerry Bridges in the January 2012 issue of Tabletalk magazine, a publication of Ligonier Ministries. Bridges described a time in his early years serving with The Navigators when he wrestled with his belief that to fulfill his part in the Great Commission, he needed to serve overseas. He came to realize “it takes many people fulfilling many roles to accomplish our God-given task.”

How true that is! I see this truth lived out every day as I serve in my position as a development representative with TWR. I call and thank those of you who give generously to see God’s redemptive work accomplished through this ministry. I have the privilege of praying with many of you who tell me you pray daily for TWR and its outreach. I know God works through the prayers of his people.

We rejoice as we did this morning because we learned one of our appointees, Paul Kitchener, has reached his full support (because of friends like you). Now, he is enabled to go and fulfill his God-given role with TWR-Europe in Slovakia.

The bottom line: you’re a vital part of all we do! Whether we give, pray or go, we know that apart from God, we can’t accomplish anything (John 15:5). Nevertheless, he has called, equipped and endowed the Body of Christ to fulfill his kingdom purposes in this world in our sphere of influence.

What a blessing that our God is in control, and we are not! Thank you for all you do for the sake of Christ and his Great Commission. We’re co-laborers together.

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