Making a List, Checking it Twice

It’s not too early. Have you been a part of an information-gathering conversation that goes something like this:

“What do you want for Christmas?”

“I don’t know.”

“Email me a list.”

“I can’t think of anything I need right now.”

“What about…?”

“Naw, let me think about it.”

Recently, I had this conversation with my son, only it wasn’t just about his October birthday gift wish list, it was also about what he wants for Christmas. He finally sent me a very short list.

Let me suggest another, more profitable discussion. What about selecting a gift that has eternal significance and that even can satisfy the one who says he needs nothing?

Yesterday at TWR’s office in Cary, North Carolina, Gospel for Asia Founder K. P. Yohannan spoke briefly about how the Lord called him to missions. He said, “When I was a boy growing up in India, I remember listening to TWR every day.” This well-known missionary leader recognizes the vital role radio plays in getting the gospel of Christ to a needy world.

TWR not only proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ 24/7, but on-the-ground efforts include the distribution of radios so more will have the opportunity to hear biblical truths, receive new life and be discipled. Through TWR’s broadcasts, tens of thousands learn that Jesus loves them—and they hear this in their mother tongue.

Today, when you consider your gift-giving options, think about how many lives can be touched by one radio. Give a gift that’s a tangible expression of Christ’s love. Give a gift in honor of someone dear to you or in memory of someone whose life has encouraged you. Check out TWR’s Radios for the World catalog for 2011-2012, and join those who are speaking hope to the world.

Photo Credit: Christy Thompson

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