Wake-up Call

From TWR’s transmitting station on the island of Bonaire, off the coast of Venezuela, medium-wave transmissions are directed south to Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil. For the TWR listeners in those areas, getting up in the morning to listen to TWR is a way of life.

  • One missionary told us that she listened to TWR as a child in Trinidad, then again in Brazil. Her father would awaken early to turn on the broadcasts, and then he would wake up the entire village so that they could hear the programs.
  • Another missionary went to a remote tribe and began to teach the people about Jesus Christ. They said, “Oh, we already know about Jesus; we listen to TWR.” Everyone in that small village wakes before the sun rises and listens to TWR around the fire. Then, when the Portuguese-language programs conclude, they start their work for the day. They’ve constructed a meeting hut which they call “The TWR Church.”
  • The Baniwa language is understood by many tribes. Every Saturday at 4:45 a.m., many indigenous people in the Roraima region of Brazil wake up to tune in to the only Christian broadcast in their own heart language. For 15 minutes per week, the Good News of Jesus Christ reaches many.
  • In northern Brazil and southern Guyana, Macushi speakers awaken every Sunday at 4:45 a.m. to learn more about God. The missionary who leads this ministry said that in every Macushi village he’s discovered in 35 years of ministry, there are already TWR listeners. While many Macushi have no technical capability, they keep working on their old broken radios until they can again receive the broadcasts from Bonaire. One Macushi speaker heard the TWR broadcasts in his language for the first time. He immediately started a three-day journey in which he walked to the town where the programs are recorded. He knocked on the pastor’s door and begged him to come immediately to his village and teach his family and friends about Jesus Christ.

My friends, these are just a few stories about what the Lord is doing through this ministry. I could tell you many more. Rejoice that you’re helping to make this possible by your prayers and faithful stewardship.

To learn more about TWR’s exciting ministry from Bonaire, click here.

Source: Excerpted from Ministry Report by Joe Barker, TWR’s Bonaire Station Director

Photo Credit: Thomas van den Berg

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