A Mozambique Experience

Beth Pearson

“As soon as I handed over the first radio, it made everything that I knew TWR was doing come to life. I understood that people’s lives really were changing as a result of tuning into TWR on that little radio,” said TWR Intern Beth Pearson, who served with TWR-Africa this past summer in Media Services. Beth is a recent John Brown University graduate.

Part of her intern experience was a mission trip to the villages of Panhame and Nwamavicky in southern Mozambique. Beth wrote, “This was the first time I had seen this side of Africa. The villages, the lack of infrastructure, the poverty and the simple way of life greatly impacted me…While I wasn’t bothered that there were no shops, electricity or running water for these people, I was bothered that they may die without knowing about Jesus Christ.”

“While the villagers have a great desire to learn about Jesus,” Beth added, “there are obstacles. Many are illiterate because of oral traditions. How do you minister to this oral society that doesn’t require literacy? RADIO!

“TWR sent 21 radios along with me to Mozambique to give to the villagers. I told the people the frequency and times they could hear programs about Jesus. Even if they can’t read the Bible, they can listen to others reading or discussing it on TWR. Handing out radios was the most exciting thing on the trip for me.

“The gratitude in their faces for this simple ministry tool and the look they gave me made me ask myself two important questions:

  1. Am I thankful and hungry for God’s word in my life like these villagers or do I take it for granted?
  2. What am I doing in my life to make sure others know about Jesus Christ?”

Beth experienced firsthand what many people do not get the opportunity to see for themselves—how the gift of a radio and Christian programs can reach people in remote parts of Africa and be the means of grace for changed lives forever. She felt blessed!

To read more about Beth’s meaningful Mozambique experience, visit TWR-Africa online.

Photo Credit: TWR-Africa

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