Our Jerusalems

There were numerous highlights from my recent visit to San Francisco, and one of those adventures was a visit to the section of the city called “China Town.” A special delight was tasting freshly baked fortune cookie dough in a small Chinese bakery. 

With its touches of Chinese architecture; the high concentration of Chinese living in the area; and, decidedly Asian culture and food, San Francisco’s China Town leaves no doubt of its impact in the city. Learning the history of their presence and influence was fascinating. 

There are enclaves of internationals residing in parts of our cities here in America and around the world. They’ve emigrated from their own country for a multitude of reasons: education, marriage, work and safety are just a few. Normally, their acclimation to a new culture is challenging, but it can open the door for friendship and evangelistic opportunities. 

Are you ministering to new international residents in your community? Have you considered what resources are available to you? TWR can help. 

Check out Thru the Bible’s broadcast ministry, in partnership with TWR, which has the messages of Dr. J. Vernon McGee available online in multiple languages. Project Hannah, the flagship women’s ministry of TWR, features its Women of Hope program online in several languages. 

Tell me how you’re involved with reaching your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the remotest parts of the world for Jesus Christ.

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