Brink of Destruction

Over the weekend, I attended a Personal Spiritual Retreat at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina. On Saturday, a dear friend and I hiked the steep 2.5-mile trail to the Overlook, a deck platform at the peak of the highest mountain (3,883-foot elevation) on the property, and returned via the 3.8-mile trail. What a challenge! 

Along the way, we noticed trees easily identified by a painted red circle on the trunk. My curiosity was piqued. I learned that these were dead trees marked for removal. During a storm, these lifeless trees could fall, threatening healthy trees and making the path dangerous for other hikers. 

At one time in my life, I, too, was headed for destruction—a spiritual dilemma. I was at risk because I wasn’t rooted in the One who gives life. All of us, apart from Christ, are in that position. 

For many of TWR’s listeners, this very same drama unfolds in their life. They hear the gospel through the broadcasts in their heart language, and the Holy Spirit convicts them of the Truth of Christ’s claims. By God’s grace and mercy, they’re brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and receive new life. 

Rejoice that every day God is changing hearts and taking lifeless souls from the brink of destruction to the kingdom of his Son Jesus Christ. This testimony from a Hungarian TWR listener attests to this work of God: 

Every word you say tastes like honey to me. I give thanks to God for your work. If you only knew about all the fruit that is born from your words! After trade school at the age of 19, I escaped from the daily routine and became a professional soldier. I thought I had found a purpose for my life. I was made to feel part of a “private Army” with our small corps…Finally, I was sent to parachuting duty. Satan was building in me a “Tower of Babel” that was getting stronger. Love was a sign of weakness to me. I made every effort to ruin the relationship I had with my family by exposing myself to danger. Only Christ’s mercy saved me from Satan’s hand. Later, I realized these things but didn’t attribute any importance to them. 

Then, I became ill and had to go to military college…I planned to return to my corps after my recovery. After I recovered, my studies went well, and I seemed to be successful from a human perspective. However, I was separated from my environment because of my behavior, and Satan started his damaging work in my life. I realized that my arrogant behavior affected the people around me. Tensions occurred in my personal relationships, which unfortunately, reinforced my faith in my own power. 

Although God spoke to me through my repeated medical problems, I always rejected him, thinking I was able to cope with everything. Eventually, he put me in a very difficult situation. My arm was hurt and I had many other illnesses…God confronted me with a hard reality. He let me know that there would be severe consequences in my life if I did not change… 

At once, I was broken and crushed. My house of cards, which was built on sand, collapsed once and for all. While listening to the program of MERA (TWR-Europe Hungarian Partner), God forced me to make a decision. I could both harden my heart even more and wipe out his presence from my heart, or I could choose “the way, the truth and the life” that leads to the Father. God helped me make the right decision. I recognized the monster I was in light of the Bible. 

In 2006, I was born again in the Spirit at the age of 26. Jesus Christ is my Savior, my Lord and my rock. As Paul said, “He had mercy on me to show that even a man like me shall have salvation.” May the Lord bless you all my loving brothers at MERA and everywhere else. 

Tell me, what means the Lord used to deliver you from the brink of destruction to the kingdom of his Son? 

Source of Testimony: TWR-Europe’s Ministry Moments

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