Tuned In and Turned On

Besides being TWR’s most upbeat intern ever to come onto the scene, California native Bethany Kay is a rising senior at Moody Bible Institute. I know you’ll appreciate Bethany’s blog post today. 

TWR's John Summerville (left) with the Moody Radio Team

My school, Moody Bible Institute, is a community with its own subculture, like many other organizations. It has a rhythm to which I am accustomed to walking nine months out of the year. Imagine my delight when I walked into work last week and saw members of Moody Radio using the TWR facilities in Cary, NC, for the station managers’ annual week of training, interaction and fellowship. My TWR and Moody worlds collided! These two worlds have been interacting long before I came into the picture. 

TWR has partnered with Moody Radio several times in the past decade, but most notably they connected for the “Love Asia by Radio” campaign in the fall of 2010. John Summerville, director of radio partnerships at TWR, reached out to Moody Radio because of the opportunities the campaign provided for both parties. “Anytime we can partner with Moody Radio, major things can happen,” he said, “both in-house and abroad.” The goal was to raise enough money to replace two 100,000-watt, analog shortwave transmitters on Guam with two 250,000-watt, digital transmitters. This was handled by a two-day on-air campaign with stations located in Cleveland, TN; Indianapolis, IN; Chattanooga, TN; Boynton Beach and St. Petersburg, FL. This change would allow for the gospel to reach millions in Asia through a stronger and clearer signal. 

Moody's Guam Team with TWR's John Summerville (right)

In August 2010, a few months before the fundraiser took place, members from both Moody Radio and TWR, including Summerville, had the opportunity to visit Guam—where the transmitters are located—and several cities in China, where the signal reaches. 

I was able to sit down with Mike Bingham, who oversees the station managers of the 35 Moody Radio owned and operated stations outside of the main Chicago station, to talk about the excursion to Guam and China. Along with the station managers of the five participating stations, he was able to see firsthand TWR’s potential to reach literally millions of people with the Good News of Christ. 

“There were always so many people everywhere,” remembered Bingham. “Even after dark, there would be a vast number of people moving on the streets in all different directions on bikes, cars, etc.” China is the most densely populated country with 1.3 billion people but the ratio of pastors to people is very small. While in China, the team was able to meet with several pastors from the underground church. These men, who suffered beatings and jail time because of their faith, were still able to speak about the gospel with true joy and smiles on their faces. Bingham was able to bring these memories back to the U.S. and share the need for broadcasting to these hungry souls with listeners across the U.S. 

TWR is grateful for partners like Moody Radio and its loyal listeners. This is a gospel-focused team tuned in and turned on to making it happen!

Photo Credit: Bethany Kay

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    1. Ellie Kay says:

      What a great post about the parnerships in radio. I love Moody radio and that Bethany Kay girl is a natural born radio host. I enjoy her show on Moody Campus Radio, The Vortex. Keep up the good kingdom work!

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