Common Threads

“Common threads of suffering tie women down all over the world. Women are the least fed, the least educated, the least valued and the least reached with the gospel,” writes TWR summer intern Kate McVey who recently attended TWR’s Project Hannah (PH) Conference in Athens, Greece. 

TWR Intern Kate McVey

Kate adds: “When surveyed at the conference, PH coordinators from Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa regions brought to light issues women face in their countries. The similarities are astounding. According to their surveys, women are overworked; suffer violence; and a decrease in morality.” 

“Dark threads of rape and domestic violence trap women and bind them to sorrow. In France, rapists do not spend much time in prison for their crimes, because authorities do not believe the victim. Women in Albania, Croatia and Romania often do not report domestic abuse to authorities, and media in the Arab world actually encourages domestic violence,” Kate explains. 

“Yet what was intended for evil ‘God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.’” PH’s Women of Hope program offers a message of compassion and hope, broadcast in over 55 languages. Kate concludes: “Conference participants learned how to contextualize this message for their countries, and now the dull threads of suffering will be replaced with beautiful threads of light and hope.” 

To read more of Kate’s report on the PH conference in Greece, click here. Please share this blog post with those you know who are concerned about the critical issues affecting women around the world. 

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