Out of Darkness

“I have escaped the wrath of my aunt who wanted to recruit me in her devil worship,” wrote Thabiti. To this young man in Kenya, the street is his home.

Thankfully, Thabiti’s story is not as fatalistic as it appears. When he heard a TWR broadcast, the Light illuminated his darkness. He happily reports that he faithfully follows the teaching of our programs. Although Thabiti is homeless, unemployed and hiding from his aunt, he has a friend in Jesus. 

He explained to us [TWR-Africa], “I have chosen you to be my spiritual parent because I have no one to turn to for any kind of assistance.” How often do we take for granted that we can pick up the phone and say, “Dad, I have a question…” or “Pastor, can you help me?” Through TWR’s broadcasts, Thabiti is encouraged to join a church and get plugged in to a faith community. In the meantime, through the power of the Spirit, we’re walking this journey with him. 

Thabiti closed his letter with this: “I have suffered and have a lot of pain in my heart. Bless you beyond human thoughts.” I’m grateful for this reminder that tonight, on a street in Kenya, a young boy is listening to the gospel and learning about his Lord. It’s exciting when a life is lifted out of darkness and into the Light!

Pray for Thabiti. Share his story of how God is working mightily to reach the youth living on the streets in Kenya. 

To learn more about TWR’s significant ministry among children and youth in Africa, click here

Source: excerpted from TWR-Africa.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Tangeman

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    1. Ann says:

      Dear Friends, This young man’s testimony is a great encouragement and blessing to me. Thank you for sharing. Today I was feeling so distressed because a relative who is into sorcery has caused myself and my son so much pain and trouble. Recently she drove my son away by harrassing him even at his workplace, now he is living far away from me and I am sending him money. We know what it is to suffer by a modern day Jezebel too. But we are not as bad off as Thabiti -at least we are not homeless. My heart goes out to Thabiti and I will keep him in my prayers. As the end comes our Lord told us it would be like this. Take courage dear Thabiti may our Lord protect you and provide for you exceedingly. May He pour out His grace upon you and those helping you. In His love, Ann and son, Joseph

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