A Dream Come True


“My father Julio started to listen to TWR from Bonaire in 1965 after the revolution in the Dominican Republic [30 years of repressive dictatorship ended in 1961]. He listened to Samuel Montoya for Thru the Bible, along with Mi Amigo Musical and a program produced in Columbia,” Sarah Calderón Lott enthusiastically explained last week as she sat in my office.

She remembered the sweetness of those family times as they listened to the TWR radio broadcasts in Portuguese and English. “We listened together as a family in my parent’s bedroom. We all gathered on the bed. My father put a hanger on the radio’s antenna to increase the radio signal strength so he could listen. If he wasn’t going to be there, he recorded the program,” Sarah said. 

Before Sarah moved to the States, she heard a TWR Spanish representative speak in her home church. He described the effectiveness of the programs throughout the island. Sarah explained, “In villages, many were meeting as a ‘church service’ around the radio programs.” 

When Sarah and her husband relocated to this area, she learned that TWR’s international office was here in Cary, North Carolina. “After I came for a tour at TWR, I was so excited I called my father. ‘Guess what I have seen today?’ I asked him. When I told him, he was so happy. TWR was such an important part of our lives. There was no TV. It was TWR at night.” 

Sarah added, “Here I am, after all these years, serving as a volunteer recording TWR programs with my daughter Joanne. This is a dream come true! I’m reading letters from Latino listeners in English for the TWR Today radio spots, and my 13-year-old daughter is voicing for Project Hannah.” 

TWR Today is a one-minute radio snapshot of what God is doing through TWR for airing on Christian radio stations in the U.S. To listen to one of Sarah’s recordings, click on the “Hunger for Life” link:

04-60_Hunger for Life.

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      Oh hon, so great to see your story…God is good!

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