Sing with Me

“Can you please sing with me?” asked Alahm. “I learned the song I heard in your broadcast and have no one with whom to praise the Lord!” She wanted to praise the Lord with another believer, so they sang together on the phone, hundreds of miles apart. 


I learned about Alahm from my TWR Europe colleague, Fund Development Strategist Karin. In a recent phone conversation with me, she joyfully described highlights of her trip to meet TWR’s Arabic Ministry team and see the exciting outreach in that region firsthand. 

This poignant story was told to her by one of the TWR Arabic team’s follow-up workers. He had received this phone call from Alahm, a 27-year-old woman who lives in a closed country in the Arab world. 

Since accepting Jesus as her Savior through the TWR broadcasts, she has been listening secretly to the daily programs in her bedroom at night. Although she’s not highly educated, she always takes time after each program to meditate on what she’s heard, memorizing verses and even parts of the program. 

The members of TWR’s Arabic team are the only other Christians she knows. It’s too dangerous in her country to declare her faith openly and meet with other believers. Once a week, when she is alone and can talk openly, she calls her spiritual family and shares what is on her heart and asks for prayer. 

Only recently, Alahm, who is so full of love for her Lord, started to share with others the passages or verses she memorized from the program, “following Paul’s example,” as she says. When her parents heard about this, they threatened to kill her if she continued to share Christ. 

The Arab world includes 22 countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and many others. The region is home to an estimated 315 million people. This year, TWR celebrates 50 years of Arabic broadcasts! Amid the ongoing unrest, our broadcasts continue to deliver life-giving, spiritual programming to this region. 

To learn more about TWR’s ministry to the Arab world, click here

Source: TWR Europe

Photo Credit: Karin

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