Lighting a Darkened Heart

Turmoil, chaos and uncertainty currently describe this region of the world. In such a context, a small spark can light a heart for good or evil. Only the life-giving Word of God can provide the fuel that illuminates a darkened heart with mercy, love and the righteousness of Christ. Those who sincerely cry out for the truth, such as the TWR Arabic-speaking listener below, have their prayers answered. 

I was born and raised in [a Middle Eastern country] to a conservative family of the local religion. Ever since I was a young boy, I read and studied our holy book [and] performed my religious duties. I was extremely religious, but I had no true relationship with the god I worshipped. I felt that there was a great void that filled me completely, for I worshipped god on the outside only. On the inside, I was a slave to many bad habits and lusts. 

What robbed me of sleep at night was the fact that I never knew what my fate after death would be. It seemed that my good deeds were meaningless because I still felt absolutely unsure about whether or not I was going to heaven. I tried to seek help from religious scholars, but they were as unsure and ignorant as I was! I needed God Himself to reveal the truth to me! 

One day, as I was reading the holy book, I came across a verse that spoke about the prophet Jesus. Curiosity grew in me to know more about this man. I knew I could learn about Him through reading the Bible, but I didn’t know how to obtain one. One night, I cried out to God from the depths of my heart, “Lord, show me the truth! Could it be that You are my Father? Show me the truth, and the truth You lead me to I will serve all my life, whatever the cost may be!” And God answered my prayer in a special and surprising way: through the radio! As I flipped through the stations that night, I came across a radio station that would change my life forever. It was TWR, broadcasting Christian programs in the Arabic language. 

Night after night, I found myself waiting patiently for the time the broadcast would begin. It was amazing how the programs answered my inquiries and doubts. For the first time in my life, I began challenging everything that I had taken for granted. I corresponded with TWR’s Arabic team for several months, and they faithfully replied to all of my letters and messages. I was humbled by their profound knowledge of the Bible and the Christian faith. 

I found in Jesus’ sacrifice the solution to the problem of sin in my life. I decided to seek Him and His precious blood for shelter. TWR’s team helped me grow in my relationship with God by sending me discipleship lessons through e-mail. I got baptized secretly, and now my passion and goal is to live for Jesus Christ and to tell my friends and other lost people about Him. 

Who would ever have thought that in a country like mine, where neither a Bible nor a church is an option, a Christian radio station would penetrate the walls and be the Bible and the church to thirsty and hungry souls? 

TWR airs Thru the Bible and other programming to Arabic-language speakers in the Middle East and North Africa. Together as co-laborers, we have such a privilege in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to hearts desirous to know the truth. 

Story source: March 2011 TTB Ministry Report

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