A Child is Born

Dana's newborn son, Filip

Yes, this is the time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, but I’m also thrilled about two other births.

TWR Romania’s Dana Mercioniu recently gave birth to her new baby boy Filip, and she’s also “birthing” the production of TWR Romania’s new children’s dramatized Bible story programming, Adventures through the Bible. Exciting times, wouldn’t you agree? 

It was my privilege to meet Dana and her team in Romania this past September. They’re so enthused about this Bible storying project for children, and they’ve had opportunities to present it in churches, at Christian organizations, and at two local Christian radio stations in Bucharest. Not only that, they’ve been contacted by more than 70 actors and actresses who want to volunteer as part of the drama team. The program’s technician, Mihai Papuc, has been encouraged by offers to assist in the technical department. 

The years under Communism left most Romanians empty of any true biblical underpinnings. As a result, most Romanian children know nothing of the Bible or of their own need for Christ’s salvation. Few learn about the gospel at home, at school or at church. They face the same issues and challenges as children the world over, but they’re without God and His Word to guide them. It’s important for children to hear about God’s grace and mercy at an early age, so that the foundations of faith are established while they’re young. 

Adventures through the Bible is a Bible drama series in a contemporary and exciting audio format comprising 150 episodes. Each episode contains a life situation from kids’ lives, a Bible story and age-appropriate teaching. Children will be introduced to the Bible world by the main character, Sarah, a little girl like them. Sarah reads the Bible with her parents and takes imaginary journeys back in time, where she becomes familiar with Biblical customs, interacts with some characters and discovers the answers to her questions. 

The TWR Romanian team are highly motivated by the great need and potential fruitfulness of this programming for Romanian children. Pray with us for this endeavor. With adequate financial support, they can begin production in January 2011.

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    1. Nick Vandici says:

      Dear judy,

      Today we have a blessed time in our church with lot of Christmas carols and a short message of 4 “Good News” brought by angels at first Christmas, presented by pastor Dan(iel), Dana’s husband.

      But then, at home, I entered in TWR site, looked in, then entered in your blog. Sudently I was impressed first by a nice and known picture: Filip’s new born son of Dana. Then by the conection between Bith of our Savior, birth of Filip and ATTB project birth. I am sure that Dana will be even more impresed. Well done Judy. Be blessed and wonderfull Christmas season. Nick

    2. Judy says:

      Thank you, Nick! Your kind words are such an encouragement. There is much for which to be thankful, and your ministry and that of your team is anointed of the Lord. God bless you all and may 2011 be such a wonderful provision of the Lord. I’m praying for the children’s programming and the Lord’s financial provisions.

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