Where the Water is Not Wet

Speaking about his home town of Timbuktu, TWR Area Ministry Director for West Africa Abdoulaye Sangho says, “Even the water is not wet!” He’s referring to the spiritual hardness of heart that permeates this community in the country of Mali. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit is a specialist at melting hard hearts. Recently, TWR Africa received a letter from a listener in Timbuktu. Here’s what he had to say: 

Drawing Water

I don’t have any knowledge of the gospel and have never read the Bible. By chance, I tuned to the evangelical station and listened to your program. I’ve been surprised by the preaching of the Word of God. I’ve never entered a church, and think that being of another religion, I must not enter into such a place. But what I’ve heard has made me very curious. You seem sincere and truthful. May I have a Bible from you that I can read discreetly? 

For a long time I’ve been against the Christian faith and hostile to hear from your religion. By listening to your programs, I think now that I’m wrong. But I’m afraid to continue listening to you. All my friends and relatives are of another religion like myself. I’m afraid to change my religion and believe in Jesus. Can you pray for me or give me some counsel? 

May I request that you complete the series of the gospel you’ve sent us? You know in Timbuktu there aren’t many Christians who can produce good Bible teaching. Your programs are relevant to the mind-set of the people here. The program Water of Life is followed by programs by teachers from another religion. When broadcasting, I used to walk in the city, and I often see people listening to your station and listening to the program. I can see and experience many changes in the attitude of people about Christianity and Christians. May the Lord bless you mightily? 

Pray for this listener and all those who hear the TWR programs, that they will be able to drink of the “Life-Giving Water” and be fully satisfied.

Source: www.twrafrica.org

Photo Credit: TWR Africa

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