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2010 Europe Ministry Vision Trip Team (Williams, Rankins, Stokes and Howard) welcomed by TWR Europe Staff Member Austrian Christine Hempt in Traditional Dress

On September 18, seven TWR friends and I returned from our nine-day TWR Europe ministry vision trip to Austria, Slovakia and Romania. As usual, there are questions that most people ask first. So, that’s where I’ve decided to begin. 

How was your trip? 

Fantastic! We had a week of sunny days in the 60s and 70s F. None of us experienced sickness, had intestinal issues or were injured. We didn’t lose anyone, though there was a close call or two. We certainly “felt” the prayers of God’s people, and we’re so thankful for all your prayers. 

Did you get lots of pictures? 

Absolutely! I shot close to 800 photos and some video footage. One of my colleagues who traveled with us to Romania took over 150 excellent pictures. I will be sharing some of our photos with you in the days ahead—the faces of Eastern Europe, the Roma people and TWR staff. 

How was the food? 

Delicious! European breakfasts with steaming coffee, freshly baked breads, farm eggs, cheeses, jams and whole butter invigorated us for the day. In Austria, we tasted pork or chicken schnitzel, sauerkraut, apfelstrudel, sachertorte and indulged in melt-in-your-mouth creamy chocolates. Our appetites in Romania appreciated the hearty beef dishes, tasty soups and one evening, we enjoyed fellowship and a meal at the Bucharest Pizza Hut. Austria and Slovakia offered the tastiest of tap water, and we chose bottled water for our travels in Romania. 

Christine Hempt of TWR Europe, me and Karin Rotter of TWR Europe in Vienna.

What were the highlights of your trip?

What to share? So many heart-touching sights, sounds and experiences overwhelmed me. What made it so meaningful were the people. We were inspired by interaction with the TWR missionaries and staff in our TWR Vienna office and TWR Bratislava office, our TWR Romanian partner and the Roma (Gypsies) people. We spent all day Wednesday, September 15 ministering among the Roma people in three villages and two churches, distributing close to 300 radios. I have so many testimonies and stories of lives touched by God to share with you.

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    1. Lewis Naylor says:

      This is a note for Christine. My wife, Ann, and I stayed with the Hempts years ago. I want to pass the word that Ann died of ovarian cancer in October. Regards. Lew

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