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Whether it’s the “desire of a child or the inner cry of us, it’s often more, more, more. It’s certainly the cry of man leading to corruption on the one side, but leading to maturity in Christ on the other side, too. The motive makes the difference,” said TWR International Director for Europe, CIS and the Middle East Felix Widmer. 

TWR International Director for Europe, CIS and the Middle East Felix Widmer

“I want to take you with me into regions where more is essential,” Felix invited as he spoke to the TWR staff last week in Cary, North Carolina. “TWR’s Europe is the region where Jesus lived and worked! It’s here where He gave his disciples the command to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel. That might be one of the reasons why Europe has become so callused and apathetic to the Gospel and hostile in many places. Is it that the adversary works overtime to make sure that this remembrance is going to be erased?” 

What is the more that Europe needs? Lindsey Brown, chairman of the Lausanne movement recently said: …Europe is desperate for the Gospel. I travel the world…but in my view Europe is the hardest continent in the world. It may even shade the Middle East in terms of resistance to the Gospel. In the Middle East you can talk about God. Most Europeans don’t even believe that God exists. 

Felix explained the need: “We need more of God in Europe, we need more of a manifestation [of the work of the Gospel] in God’s people and we need more practiced faith among the followers of Christ.” That is a tall order, wouldn’t you say?

He highlighted a few of the many exciting opportunities and ministry the Lord is providing through TWR Europe: 

  • We’ve been given an opportunity to reach the whole city of Athens, Greece from one broadcast location (the metropolitan area of Athens is 3.7 million). Pray for good reception, and for clear, biblical content to penetrate orthodox-oriented minds and hearts.
  • A potential partnership with an organization in France so that we can cover Paris, France (population 11.8 million). This station has a well-developed Web presence.
  • In Turkey, we’re thankful for the many listener responses from courageous believers who do want to follow Christ in spite of very adverse circumstances.
  • Evaluation of a multi-media approach to develop new audiences within Europe.

Felix exhorted us to pray even more. “We need each other more,” he concluded, “for we are God’s fellow-workers so that more people will discover Christ and His wonderful salvation!”

Join us in praying for this great work. Let me know you’re on board. 

For more information on TWR’s ministry in Europe, the CIS and the Middle East, click here.

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