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TWR Intern LeeAnn Peppers

How do you define creativity? Did you immediately think of an artist, photographer, a writer or a poet? What about a rock climber? I know someone who expresses her creative energy in all these arenas. In her own words: “I’ve done weird things…nothing normal, though.” 

Are you curious about who she is? Her name is LeeAnn Peppers from Athens, Georgia. She’s one of TWR’s bright summer interns serving in the Cary, North Carolina office. Her role: Social Media intern. Her assignment is to monitor the various media platforms TWR utilizes: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. You will also see her creativity displayed as a guest writer on the JudyBlog. Another hefty responsibility she’s been given is to research social media strategies and write a 12-month social media plan for TWR. 

Currently, LeeAnn is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Interpersonal and Public Communication at Toccoa Falls College in Georgia. It was during “Missions Week” at the college that LeeAnn learned of TWR’s summer intern opportunities through TWR’s Recruiting Specialist Heather Johnson. 

After getting over her initial “culture shock,” she writes, “This job has already made me walk into many new and unknown situations and meet so many new people that I’ve forgotten to take the time to be shy, which I appreciate.” I wouldn’t describe her as “shy,” but as someone who wants to experience life to the fullest. “He [God] knew that this summer I would be here to fulfill a purpose that He’s had planned for me before I was even born,” responded LeeAnn. 

I asked her what words of wisdom she would offer to others who desire to pursue a summer internship? She thoughtfully replied, “Sometimes, I think students worry about whether their internship will meet certain requirements, and if it will fulfill their desires and relate to the education they are pursuing. I know I did. The thing is, you have to find something you really enjoy doing and do it. The requirements can be worked out—no matter how set in stone, but if you aren’t doing something that you enjoy doing, you will end up feeling like you wasted your time or you missed out.” Good advice, wouldn’t you say? 

Now, I promised LeeAnn to take her rock climbing… 

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