The Language of Hope

Ethiopian Women

Exciting news: Project Hannah’s signature program Women of Hope aired July 1 in two new languages—Oromo for Ethiopia and Umbundu to Angola. This Gospel-centered message is now broadcast in 56 languages from high-powered AM and shortwave transmitting sites and via hundreds of local radio stations worldwide. 

First aired in 1998, Women of Hope is literally a lifeline for women of all ages, races and walks of life. Radio can reach women where they are, no matter their social status, culture or circumstances. Many respond: “You are the only friend I have. You understand. You give me hope and Jesus!” Join us in prayer that these programs will be used of the Lord to change women’s hopeless lives into vibrant Women of Hope

To learn more about TWR’s vital outreach, Project Hannah and Women of Hope, visit 

Photo Credit: Marli Spieker

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      Jesus the Christ is Lord

      Jesus saves

      Jesus is coming soon

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