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The "Waves of Hope" Team

Twenty-five-year-old Fatima is a widow who lives in Central Asia. Every day she puts on her burka and has her five-year-old son or another male escort her to the market. She can’t read or write, but she received Christ through the JESUS film. 

One day a Bible storying team from StoryRunners went to Fatima’s village. They started telling her Bible stories. These were stories she had never heard before, and one was of Ruth and Naomi. That day, the storying team challenged her to go and tell that story to someone in her family. So Fatima went home and did just that. 

As a widow, Fatima had to move back into her in-laws home. She’s being treated as a slave. She cares for the children, cleans the home, cooks the food, and daily goes to the well to draw water. She decided to tell the story of Ruth and Naomi to her mother-in-law. The next day when she returned to the storying time, they asked her who she told the story to. She explained, “I told the story to my mother-in-law.” This alarmed the team because of security reasons. They asked Fatima, “What did your mother-in-law say?” She replied, “She told me I had to come back every day while the storying team was here and learn every story that I could. She loved that story [Ruth and Naomi].” 

How can we bring the Gospel to more women like Fatima? To address this concern, a synergistic partnership has been established between TWR and the Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) ministries of StoryRunners and the JESUS Film Project. The multi-faceted evangelistic and discipleship radio strategy includes a Bible story set developed for women, an audio version of the Magdalena film and TWR’s Project Hannah Women of Hope radio program. The goal is to reach women worldwide who are the least reached and who are experiencing the greatest life challenges. 

Yesterday at TWR’s International office in Cary, North Carolina, we listened to this exciting new team: Nancy Wilson and Carol Green of StoryRunners; Marie Erasmus and Maureen Hornstein of the JESUS Film Project; Marli Spieker, founder of TWR’s women’s ministry Project Hannah; and TWR Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships Director Tom Watkins. The working name of this new partnership is “Waves of Hope.” 

Founded in 2003, StoryRunners (www.storyrunners.com) is a mission of CCCI to unreached people groups. There are approximately 2,200 language groups that are still without the written Scriptures in their heart language or even the written word. Most of these people groups live in oral cultures and the majority are illiterate. A product of the JESUS Film Project, the Magdalena film is the story of Mary of Magdala and what she may have experienced walking with Jesus. This film portrays how Jesus values women by focusing on historical accounts of how he interacted with them. 

To learn more about TWR’s ministry to women, Project Hannah, go to www.projecthannah.org.

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