From Every Nation

Dr. Steedman Sarbah and Pastor Stephen Masolwa (l to r)

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending Ligonier’s 2010 National Conference in Orlando, Florida. Ligonier Ministries ( is the biblical teaching fellowship of Dr. R. C. Sproul. What an event! My brothers and sisters in Christ representing many “tribes, tongues and nations” were present. Imagine the joy of fellowshipping with so many, and the added blessing of interacting with a few in particular. A taste of heaven, indeed! 

At the Thursday evening session, I sat beside a brother in Christ, Steedman Sarbah, who was from Ghana, but who is now a physician in South Carolina. This summer, he plans to return to Ghana on a medical mission trip. I spoke of TWR’s ministry in Africa, with which he was unfamiliar. He then shared the details of our conversation with his friend and pastor, Stephen Masolwa, who was sitting beside him. 

Stephen is from Tanzania and currently, he is the pastor of Northeast Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina. The ministry of TWR was not new to him. In fact, he shared with me that he used to be the Swahili-language producer of The Bible Says, a program aired over TWR to East and Central Africa. From 1980 to 1985, he was involved in program production in Kenya and Tanzania. Also, he was a college classmate of TWR’s International Director for Africa Dr. Emmanuel Mbennah. How amazing is that? 

In God’s gracious providence, we were placed beside each other at the first session of the conference, and then we had the opportunity to fellowship at various times throughout the weekend. God is good. Most importantly, though, it’s so evident that the Lord is at work through His servants redeeming a people through Christ’s shed blood, “men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9). 

What’s more, at Thursday’s dinner, I sat with a sister in Christ from Liberia who was excited to learn about TWR’s ministry to women in Liberia through Project Hannah. 

Now, I’m curious. Do you have any similar stories to share?

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    1. Stephen Masolwa says:

      Judy, it’s good to read the story you almost two years ago. I enjoyed fellowshipping with. God willing, I’m planning to attend Ligonier next year (2013) with my wife. Hopefully I’ll see you again on this side of heaven.

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