A WAFT of Fresh Air

WAFT’s Bill and Terry Tidwell

Bill and Terry Tidwell are the home team that brings a fresh start to each morning for listeners in Valdosta, Georgia on WAFT 101.1 FM. 

For TWR, WAFT is a very special station. This morning, they’re focusing on TWR’s ministry to the 15 million Roma (Gypsies) living in Eastern Europe. For more than a decade, TWR has aired radio programming which reaches this semi-nomadic, moderately illiterate people group, who often are marginalized by society. 

WAFT will be encouraging their listeners to jump on board with what God is doing among the Roma by donating a solar-powered fix-tuned Galcom radio, which will be distributed by our TWR staff. 

Would you like to listen to great Christian radio in Valdosta? You can at www.waft.com.

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