God’s Precious Little Ones

Dressed in a mini-skirt and skintight top, Adjo hangs out in a bar filled with cigarette smoke. She leans against the counter, trying to look sexy. “I like foreign customers best,” she says. “They pay well and treat me better than the locals.” 

Adjo is 11 years old. 

Child abuse is one of the worst problems facing Africa today. Children, who should be cherished and protected, are instead sold as child brides, sexual slaves, sweatshop laborers and drug carriers. Children are being murdered for their body parts or raped in the belief that sex with a virgin will cure HIV/AIDS.  

TWR Africa has produced a program titled God’s Precious Little Ones to educate children on the dangers of different types of abuse, and how to recognize the signs of abusers and those who would exploit them. TWR hopes that God’s Precious Little Ones will help reduce and eventually curb the injustices against those who are the future of Africa. 

God’s Precious Little Ones will be a 15-minute discussion program with child advocates, children, teachers and youth pastors. There will also be special messages from Christian soccer players. Broadcasts are scheduled to begin on June 1, 2010, shortly before the start of the World Cup. 

For more information about this significant ministry to children, visit http://www.twrafrica.org/0225.asp

Photo Credit: Necia Claire Erickson

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