Switched On!

Estonia Transmitter Site

It’s happened, my friends! The transition from the 100,000-watt AM transmitter at the Tartu Family Radio station in Estonia to the new 200,000-watt AM transmitter has occurred. Now, more than 150 million people across this vast region which includes Western Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus can hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their heart language. 

TWR Radio Partnerships Director John Summerville travelled to Estonia for this exciting event with TWR President Lauren Libby and WMIT’s Jim Kirkland from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s radio station in Black Mountain, North Carolina. WMIT 106.9 The Light and its listeners partnered with TWR on the Estonia transmitter upgrade. In addition, many of you reading this today joined with us on this miraculous project (see JudyBlog post of April 29, 2009 “To Russia with Love”). 

Yesterday, John provided this brief update from Estonia: “Going out to the AM 1035 transmitter site, which is about 25 minutes outside of town [Tartu] along a single lane dirt road, we met Tom King and his team (Kintronics Labs, Inc. of Tennessee). Tom had just finished the conversion. Instead of 100,000-watts, the transmitter was now broadcasting 200,000-watts. We had a ceremony of flipping the switch, and we…prayed.” 

For an inspiring report of this praiseworthy event, go to www.twr.org and listen to TWR President Lauren Libby and WMIT’s Jim Kirkland describe this grand occasion.

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    1. Jim Hulse says:


      It was not Tom Kings team from Kintronic labs doing the work. Men from California, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Canada made up the team this trip.

      For your information, Towers For Jesus was in charge of installing all tower footings, all towers, all ground systems, placing of the tuning equipment, tower lightning, all fences, assisting in all three transmitter installations and modifications. We built the crosses, sign and bible displayed on site. We also helped with the roads using our equipment to rebuild the road to the site and on site.

      Blessings Jim Hulse

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