On the Air: The Sound of Life

Sound of Life’s Tom Zahradnik

When the listeners of the Sound of Life Radio Network in upstate New York commute to work this morning, they’ll get a heart-opening tour around the world without ever leaving the comfort of their cars. Tom Zahradnik from the “The Cup of Joe Morning Show” is visiting TWR at our offices in Cary, North Carolina. 

Throughout Thursday and Friday, Tom will be interviewing TWR’s international leadership and telling the Hudson Valley all the exciting things that God is accomplishing through international radio. Are you listening? 

The Sound of Life Radio Network based out of Lake Katrine, New York, has been a longtime partner of TWR. Sound of Life’s Tom Zahradnik and TWR’s Director of Radio Partnerships John Summerville share a friendship based on a passion for Jesus Christ, for radio and for the value of radio to communicate His amazing love. 

Do you enjoy listening to great Christian music or would you like to hear these informative, inspiring interviews? Then be sure to listen to www.soundoflife.org reaching the heart of the Northeast U.S.

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