Can You Hear Me Now?

Where in the world would you expect is the least likely place to find an MP3 player? For the answer, you have to think globally.

Would you have said the Inhambane province of Mozambique? Does that surprise you? TWR has been distributing MP3 players to Thru the Bible (TTB) listener groups in that province since 2008. For 15 years, TWR has broadcast TTB—three times through the five-year series—in the Xitshwa (Tswa) language to Mozambique. Through ongoing work with local churches, 92 listening groups have been established and each group has been supplied with either a solar-powered or wind-up MP3 player.

TWR’s Ministry Relations Director and TTB Coordinator Joe Fort explained, “The reality in the Inhambane province where Xitshwa is spoken, is that most people live in remote villages where there is no electricity and very few radios. Where there are radios, then access and the cost of batteries is still a problem. Through this program, we’re able to reach more people that would not be able to hear the programs via radio.”

When Joe visited the region a year ago, he noticed a severe shortage of Bibles among believers there. As a result of this need, one thousand Bibles were donated and were distributed among those 92 listening groups with a total of 2,645 people meeting together for 30 minutes daily Monday thru Friday. This allows them to follow along with the TTB program and then to do their own study. And there is a need for more Bibles.

Praise the Lord for the transforming and redemptive power of God’s Word and for so many studying the Bible together every day!

Photo Credit: Necia Claire Erickson

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