Staff South Africa Andrew and Holly Haas


Andrew and Holly both have been missionaries since 1997. Andrew first served with Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando, and Holly started with TWR on Guam.

They met in 2006 in Mali, West Africa, on a partnership-training project of five missions organizations. Andrew moved to South Africa to be near Holly, and they married in 2008.

Today, Andrew serves in Johannesburg at the Africa Regional Office corrdinating initiatives for unreached people groups.


  1. Beech Family Reunion

    Beech Family Reunion

    January 25th, 2013

    Living in South Africa, we seldom get to see family except by streaming video chat. We're very thankful for the encouragement to have Holly's family visit for a couple weeks every three years or so. The photo was taken January 26, 2013 at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardensread more

Prayer Requests

  • Holly's visa renewal to stay in South Africa has been overdue since February 2, 2014. It hasn't been a major problem but we still want it in her passport!Please also pray that Andrew's renewal in April 2015 is granted on time.

Prayer Letters

  1. Has It Been 15 Years Already?May 30th, 2014