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Moving Again

May 2nd, 2012

Fortunately, we're not making another international move, just between Raleigh and Apex. After almost a year of house-sitting we've signed on at an apartment only a few minutes from the office. It'll be nice to reduce my commute and even Beth can drop me off for work easily.

The process will take a few weeks. First I have Global IT meetings. Next the shipping company from Austria moves our stuff from storage into our apartment. Then we have the Internet connected (a must for IT geeks like me). Then we need to move the things we collected in our house-sitting days into the apartment hopefully in time for a visit from Ellice and family. Then we need to actually move and occupy the apartment before Beth starts helping with a Project Hannah conference. All this will take most of the next month before we can stop, rest, and figure out which way is up. :-).

If you need information about our new address you can send us a note using the Message this Staff Member link.