Building the Church in Central Asia

It is becoming increasingly difficult to spread the gospel to the Central Asian region. Believers are experiencing persecution, churches are being closed, cross-cultural workers are regularly forced to leave the region and Christian organizations are getting shut down. The majority of Central Asian believers are first-generation Christians and, therefore, do not have a heritage of Christianity that they can draw from when facing difficulties in their lives.

TWR is seeking to provide radio programming to train and prepare the believers of this region to stand firm in their faith and help others along their spiritual journey. We invite you to learn more about the leadership and evangelistic programs TWR is producing and broadcasting in Central Asia. These programs include:

House Church: Many believers living in the rural areas of Central Asia have less religious freedom and experience more pressure from their families and local authorities than the Christians in the bigger cities. In cities, it is somewhat easier to accept and follow Christ anonymously and attend a church. To help train rural people in establishing small cell churches in their homes and villages, TWR´s local national teams are producing a special series of 15-minute programs called House Church (in the Uzbek, Central Asian Russian, Turkmen, Kazakh and Kyrgyz languages).

The Christian Home: Many relationships in Central Asia are troubled. Family is very important in this region, but when a person becomes a Christian, he or she is viewed as betraying the family, the local religion, and the culture itself. Women who accept Christ are often abused by their husbands for their beliefs and as a result, they often deceive their husbands out of fear. There is a great need for Central Asian people to hear about the hope that is found in a relationship with Jesus.

Springs of Living Water: Without water we wouldn’t be able to keep living. Science tells us this fact, but the Bible tells of a different kind of water–spiritual water–that we need to maintain a living faith in Jesus Christ. The goal of the program series, Springs of Living Water, seeks to share this living water to the listeners by presenting central truths of the Bible in a comprehensive and simple manner.

Other programs include Joyful Encounter and Wise Counsel.

Please prayerfully consider what part God would have you play in the sponsorship of these valuable programs. Your gift of $30 will enable thousands to hear the gospel of salvation and equip Christians to reach out to their own people.