Outreach to China

Since the 1980s, China has made tremendous gains in improving living standards, reducing poverty and maintaining strong economic growth. While the growth of the economy has led to unprecedented wealth for many, this has in turn led to a culture of materialism and an accumulation of wealth. Even as many are getting richer, there are still those who are living in poverty. Additionally, despite growing urbanization, the majority of the population lives in rural areas. Through projects such as (but not limited to) the ones below, TWR reaches out to the people of China:

  • Coming alongside the Church in China to strengthen believers through Radio Church Kits, and equipping church leaders through SOTA Online.
  • Conducting Youth Camps to engage young Chinese people in urban areas, through methods of instruction that appeal to their interests and challenge them to a deeper relationship with Jesus.
  • Ministering to HIV/AIDS affected villages through a holistic “Lighthouse” ministry, so that they may experience the love of God.
  • Bringing the Gospel to oral communicators in their heart language. We have programs that cater to various people groups, including the Uyghur, Hui and Mosu (Yi) people.
  • Revealing Jesus’ hope and healing to women through the Chinese Women of Hope programs, prayer groups and follow-up.
  • Making available a diverse array of TWR’s biblical programming to a digital generation of Chinese-speakers through the Chinese Internet Ministry's Programs for Urban Youth.
  • TWR seeks to bless the poor and underprivileged Miao children through the provision of Christian media resources and other educational materials and tools through the Holistic Outreach to the Miao.

Your $100 gift or more toward our annual goal of $3,032,000 will help TWR reach the world’s most populous nation. Please prayerfully consider supporting this effort to reach China with the gospel.