OneStory - from Creation to Eternity, for West Africa

Research indicates that at least 60 percent of Africa's population south of the Sahara is considered to be illiterate, and the percentage of literates has not improved more than 3-5 percent over the past 20 years.* This means that, unless God’s Word is presented to them using oral methods, it is unlikely they will be able to understand or remember the life-changing message of God’s Word.

The OneStory partnership was created to meet this tremendous need, to give unreached, non-literate people groups the opportunity to hear about their Creator and respond to Him. Through OneStory, TWR has received recorded story-sets in the African languages and dialects of Senoufo Synera, Senoufo Supyire, Fulfulde and Tamasheq.

For two years, OneStory teams based in West Africa have crafted and recorded stories, sent them for review and compiled them for future distribution through mass media outlets. Because of this, we now have sets of chronological Bible stories for people groups in their own heart languages, in their preferred communication styles.

Please consider financially standing alongside the OneStory project, as TWR seeks to present the Bible through the spoken word. Your gift of $75 will help to fund the airtime for a 15-minute episode, aired from TWR’s new broadcast site in Benin.

*Miles Smith-Morris, ed. The Economist Book of Vital World Statistics (New York: The Economist Books Ltd., 1990), 210.