Worldview Programming for Africa

Full of diverse beliefs and traditions, Africa is a world apart. While some of its cultural diversity is beautiful, other parts oppose Jesus' teachings in the Bible, binding men and women to superstitions, fears and pain. According to Operation World, even those who follow Christianity can carry with them "a value system steeped in the old ways-fetishism, ancestor worship, idolatry, etc." This not only hurts communities spiritually, but also can lead to incorrect beliefs about how to deal with real-world problems like HIV/AIDS. Relying on things like amulets (bracelets), potions and sexual relations with virgins will only further the spread of disease and death in Africa. Africans need to hear the Truth and how it reflects on their daily lives, spoken in ways they will understand culturally.

To meet this need, TWR produces Worldview Radio Dramas, a series of 54 - three to five-minute mini-drama programs dealing with aspects of the worldviews experienced in Africa in the light of God’s Word. The dramas are written around a Christian family’s devotional time when various worldview issues, such as the wearing of amulets to ward off evil spirits, are dealt with in a conversational manner. The family unit looks at these questions from a scriptural context to find God's answers.

Please prayerfully consider a gift of $50 to help impact lives of Africans through this practical programming.