Reaching Beyond Barriers - Radio Programs for West Africa

Many in West Africa cling to hope in fetishes or their local witchdoctor to save them, help them or heal their deepest needs. Others depend on the ways of their local religious beliefs to carry them through dark times. But fear permeates much of their lives.

Reaching across barriers of darkness, fear and hopelessness, TWR is engaging people of West Africa with breakthrough radio programs that bring peace to a potential audience of more than 190 million. Relevant, culturally sensitive programs bring hope to the seeker, encouragement to the new believer and training for the seasoned Christian.

Oral learners, mothers and pastors are among the many people being reached through radio programs such as Women of Hope, Salvation and Evangelism and Light and Life. People groups that have had little access to the gospel are hearing refreshing words for their soul in their own languages. The Kanuri, Yoruba, Fulfulde, Lukpa, Hausa and other people groups are listening.

“Your program always gives courage to mothers and shows them how to love and care for their children,” says a mother from Nigeria.

“Your messages are undiluted,” says a West African pastor. “Where we miss the point, TWR is doing it.”

But we need your help to keep this ministry outreach alive. Your gift of $75 will keep the light of the gospel flowing into the hearts and lives of people in West Africa.